STOOD STRONG ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Fighting to survice back home.

Multiple, extended deployments and intense combat situations can foster unbreakable bonds between Service members. But what happens when they return home? Often hundreds of miles from their comrades and the military culture they depend on, many Service members find that reintegrating into “normal” life back home is a fight they are not prepared for. But they can get their lives back with your help.

We know caring behavioral health professionals like you are anxious to give back, but you can't help them, until they believe you understand them.

A series of online courses, including the “Military Cultural Competency Course,” is available to help essential professionals like you grasp the military's unique culture and discover new ways to help Service members cope back home. Please sign up for one of our FREE online courses on treating the invisible wounds of war.

All the courses are FREE, and nationally accredited. Courses are quick and easy to complete. Plus, they're available online 24/7 so you can fit one, or all of them, into your busy schedule.

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